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Misanthropos - Feature Film - Principal Photography Concluded

Feature Film Misanthropos - a film by Maximianno Cobra based on Shakespeare's Timon of Athens - The II Principal Photography has been concluded - May 2022 -  thanks to the unwavering commitment and love to the craft of both our cast and crew.

The filming process will be completed in the next weeks with complementary transitional footage and we will be ready to start a thrilling, complex and long Post-production process.

We must tip our hat and express our deepest gratitude to those who made this production possible since 2017.

Official Website: [ LINK ] 

UW Ltd / QS / Shakespeare Network - Maximianno Cobra Productions

Pick Up The Cue!

Maximianno Cobra's Selection
Wherefore do you so ill translate yourself
Out of the speech of peace that bears such grace
Into the harsh and boisterous tongue of war,
Turning your books to graves, your ink to blood,
Your pens to lances, and your tongue divine
To a trumpet and a point of war?

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Save Ukraine - Save Freedom - PEACE !

Save Ukraine - Save Freedom - PEACE !
Europe must build - now - a Humanitarian Bridge towards and between Germany and France as well as other EU countries in order to welcome and protect Ukrainian refugees.

A Bridge of Solidarity.

Timon of Athens - University of Oxford - Prof. Emma Smith - The Shakespeare Companion


Timon of Athens - University of Oxford
Prof. Emma Smith finishes her Approaching Shakespeare series with a lecture on the play Timon of Athens.

This recording is for educational purposes only and is covered under Fair Use doctrine - Copyright - All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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Pick Up The Cue!

Maximianno Cobra's Selection
Dear earth, I do salute thee with my hand,
Though rebels wound thee with their horses' hoofs:
As a long-parted mother with her child
Plays fondly with her tears and smiles in meeting,
So, weeping, smiling, greet I thee, my earth,
And do thee favours with my royal hands.

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Shakespeare's Contemporary dramatists

By: Emma Smith

The Elizabethan and Jacobean theatres specialized in new plays which had relatively few performances over a period of a few weeks. There was thus a huge appetite for fresh writing, and hundreds of plays, many now lost, were produced, often collaboratively. In this section of Great Writers some of these non-Shakespearean plays and authors are introduced through a combination of podcasts, ebooks and supporting materials. Some plays - such as John Webster's empathic presentation of a woman who follows her own desires in The Duchess of Malfi (1614) - have had an ongoing life in the modern theatre. Others - such as Thomas Dekker's contemporary fairytale The Shoemakers Holiday (1599) are interesting precisely because they so closely map onto the immediate context of their writing and performance, giving us a window into the late Elizabethan world.
To us, this group of plays and dramatists is overshadowed by Shakespeare's towering reputation.

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