Julius Caesar - John Gielgud - Charlton Heston - 1970 - Remastered - 4K

Julius Caesar is a 1970 film adaptation of William Shakespeare's play of the same name, directed by Stuart Burge. It was an independent production of Commonwealth United Entertainment, filmed in England and Spain. It is the first film version of the play made in colour.

John Gielgud as Julius Caesar
Charlton Heston as Mark Antony
Jason Robards as Brutus
Richard Johnson as Cassius
Robert Vaughn as Casca
Richard Chamberlain as Octavius
Diana Rigg as Portia
Christopher Lee as Artemidorus
Jill Bennett as Calpurnia
André Morell as Cicero
Derek Godfrey as Decius Brutus
David Dodimead as Lepidus
Michael Gough as Metellus Cimber
David Neal as Cinna
Preston Lockwood as Trebonius
John Moffatt as Popilius Lena
Steven Pacey as Lucius
Edwin Finn as Publius
Norman Bowler as Titinius
Paul Hardwick as Messala
John Tate as Clitus
Damien Thomas as Pindarus
Bob Keegan as Lucilius
Ewan Hooper as Strato
Andrew Crawford as Volumnius
Thomas Heathcote as Flavius
Alan Browning as Marullus
Christopher Cazenove as a Servant to Antony
Liz Gebhardt as Calpurnia’s Maid
Laurence Harrington as a Carpenter
Ron Pember as a Cobbler
Roy Stewart as a Slave
Michael Keating, David Leland, Yvette Rees, Michael Wynne, and Ken Hutchison as Citizens of Rome

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