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Our goal is to progressively produce a modern, scholarly, free alternative to the original and public domain electronic source of the whorshipfull Complete Moby(tm) Shakespeare.

The text on this site reflects the editorial judgements, organization, layout, and lineation of the pages as found in different editions. The text of our edition is accompanied by "essential" annotations and critical variants, commenting on variations between different versions of the text and that provides an understanding of the text based on other sources.

In any case, we strongly advise our readers to purchase one of the Modern Critical print Editions for the complete critical “apparatus”: notes, critical essays, textual variants, etc.

We take advantage of this occasion to pay warm tribute to the extraordinary work achieved by the editors of the New Oxford Shakespeare - The New Oxford Shakespeare: Complete Set Modern Critical Edition, Critical Reference Edition, Authorship Companion. General Editors: Gary Taylor, John Jowett, Terri Bourus, and Gabriel Egan. Published: 27 April 2017 - ISBN: 9780198791324

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