Master Class - John Barton - Shakespeare - The New York Session 2003

Master Class - John Barton - Shakespeare - The New York Session 2003

"Barton’s legacy is the most exhilarating tribute one can pay to Shakespeare."
Maximianno Cobra - Shakespeare Network co-founder - Editor and Artistic Director

- CAST -
Dustin Hoffman, Charles S. Dutton, Liev Schreiber Kevin Kline, Lynn Collins, Cynthia Nixon, David Hyde Pierce, Keith David, Patick Stewart, Peter Hall.

This fascinating program brings viewers into a workshop run by John Barton, cofounder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, that demonstrates how vividly accessible Shakespeare’s language can be when it is heard rather than read. Barton explains that Shakespeare’s text gives subtle cues to actors about how a scene should be played, and that audiences can become immersed in the action by a verbal invitation to the imagination (“Think, when we talk of horses, that you see them…”). With commentary and rehearsal footage that features Kevin Kline, Patrick Stewart, Cynthia Nixon, Charles S. Dutton, Dustin Hoffman, Sir Peter Hall, and others, the film includes some of Shakespeare’s most famous scenes in compelling new interpretations.

John Bernard Adie Barton, CBE (26 November 1928 – 18 January 2018), was a British theatre director and teacher whose close association with the Royal Shakespeare Company spanned more than half a century.

Co-founder of the Royal Shakespeare Company, John Barton was, with Trevor Nunn and Peter Hall, one of the legendary theatre directors whose work and acting collaborations in the mid twentieth century would effect the course of Shakespeare on stage in successive decades. His biography includes a range of landmark production through the sixties and seventies (including the 1969 Twelfth Night with Judi Dench as Viola, and the 1970 A Midsummer Night's Dream with Patrick Stewart as Oberon), and with his abilities in helping actors through workshops, his presence and influence are felt even further.

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