KING LEAR - James Earl Jones - Paul Sorvino - Raul Julia - 1974 - HD Remastered - 4K

King Lear (1974 TV) - Captured broadcast on PBS’s Great Performances. New York Shakespeare Festival - Central Park, NY

Directed by: Edwin Sherin

James Earl Jones: King Lear
Tom Aldredge: Fool
Rosalind Cash: Goneril
Lee Chamberlin: Cordelia
Ellen Holley: Regan
Paul Sorvino: Gloucester
Rene Auberjonois: Edgar
Raul Julia: Edmund
Douglas Warson: Kent
Robert Stattel: Albany
Robert Lanchester: Cornwall
Lou Quinones: Burgundy
Jean-Pierre Stewart: France
Frederick Coffin: Oswald

In 1974, the New York Shakespeare Festival presented, as one of its free summer productions, King Lear directed by Edwin Sherin, and starring James Earl Jones as Lear, with Paul Sorvino as Gloucester, Raul Julia as Edmund, and Rene Auberjonois as Edgar.

AUDIO / IMAGE HD Restoration - Sources and/or Archive copies quality used for this restoration: medium.

This recording is for educational purposes only and is covered under Fair Use doctrine - Copyright - All rights reserved to their respective owners.

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