Corporate - Partnership

A partnership with Shakespeare Network provides an excellent opportunity for your company to support our organisation in a mutually beneficial association. Corporate support helps to maintain the quality and ambition of the Shakespeare Network's work whilst publicly demonstrating your company's contribution to enriching the UK’s & World's culture and society.

We believe in creating sponsorship opportunities that are bespoke to the client and tailored to their business goals. Each project will be unique and provide an inspiring creative partnership with our educational & artistic programme across all areas of our work, enhancing your company's profile and bringing clients and guests in direct contact with the highly accomplished musicians which you are supporting.

There are four opportunities available for your business to support us across our artistic programme:

Corporate Partnerships in London - Florence - Paris - Vienna - Budapest - Berlin

Major Sponsorships Recordings World Tour - Audio-visual productions

Project Management
Manager: Daniel Warren
Management Territory: Worldwide

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