Exclusive Premium Advertising and Active Sponsorship

Shakespeare Network's media offers you a premium advertising and active sponsoring environment with a unique plan and no hidden costs.

- Use the image of Shakespeare Network to place your advertising in an international first-class context.
- Start your Shakespeare journey with us in exclusivity worldwide on our website and YouTube Channel.

OFFER – Pricing Monthly Payment Plan £ 1.750 or Yearly Payment Plan £ 15.000

-    WEBSITE - placement
Banner size: 300 x 250 px or 300 x 250 px – The advertiser will provide us with the banner read to use – accepted formats: PNG – JPG or GIF.
Sponsorship message: Special Heartfelt Thanks - A written message from us with one web link included. Placement: HOME (front page) and ABOUT US (support-us page).

-    YOUTUBE - placement
A dedicated Graphic design Video (10 seconds) made and edited by us including with your logo and a Sponsorship message - Special Heartfelt Thanks and showing your web address. Placement at the end of a selection of minimum 10 video and/or audiobook uploads on which we have full copyright control and/or ownership.  

Website: Shakespeare Network is one of the lead Shakespeare Internet resources with more than 350k pages impressions monthly and an average visit duration of 30 minutes per visitor worldwide
YouTube: over 6 million views on our YouTube Channel. Shakespeare Network offers its advertising exclusive customer excellent touch points to a unique target group.

NOTE: Our Google advertisement program will be stopped during the premium advertising and active sponsoring duration i.e., only the exclusive advertiser will be displayed. Naturally, we will keep promoting our in-house productions and in-house merchandising.

Please note that unsolicited advertisement offers and/or material/commercial submissions are not accepted and no response will be provided.

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