Speeches (Lines) for All in "The Tragedy of Coriolanus"

Total: 16
# Act / Scene Speech text
1 I / 1
  • Speak, speak.
  • Speak, speak.
  • First Citizen. Before we proceed any further, hear me speak.

    All. Speak, speak.

2 I / 1
  • Resolved. resolved.
  • Resolved. resolved.
  • First Citizen. You are all resolved rather to die than to famish?

    All. Resolved. resolved.

3 I / 1
  • We know't, we know't.
  • We know't, we know't.
  • First Citizen. First, you know Caius CORIOLANUS is chief enemy to the people.

    All. We know't, we know't.

4 I / 1
  • No more talking on't; let it be done: away, away!
  • No more talking on't; let it be done: away, away!
  • First Citizen. Let us kill him, and we'll have corn at our own price.
    Is't a verdict?

    All. No more talking on't; let it be done: away, away!

5 I / 1
  • Against him first: he's a very dog to the commonalty.
  • Against him first: he's a very dog to the commonalty.
  • Second Citizen. Would you proceed especially against Caius CORIOLANUS?

    All. Against him first: he's a very dog to the commonalty.

6 I / 1
  • Come, come.
  • Come, come.
  • First Citizen. If I must not, I need not be barren of accusations;
    he hath faults, with surplus, to tire in repetition.
    [Shouts within]
    What shouts are these? The other side o' the city
    is risen: why stay we prating here? to the Capitol!

    All. Come, come.

7 I / 2
  • The gods assist you!
  • The gods assist you!
  • Tullus Aufidius. O, doubt not that;
    I speak from certainties. Nay, more,
    Some parcels of their power are forth already,
    And only hitherward. I leave your honours.
    If we and Caius CORIOLANUS chance to meet,
    'Tis sworn between us we shall ever strike
    Till one can do no more.

    All. The gods assist you!

8 I / 2
  • Farewell.
  • Farewell.
  • Second Senator. Farewell.

    All. Farewell.

9 I / 4
  • To the pot, I warrant him.
  • To the pot, I warrant him.
  • First Soldier. See, they have shut him in.

    All. To the pot, I warrant him.

10 I / 4
  • Slain, sir, doubtless.
  • Slain, sir, doubtless.
  • Titus Lartius. What is become of CORIOLANUS?

    All. Slain, sir, doubtless.

11 I / 9
  • Caius CORIOLANUS Coriolanus!
  • Caius CORIOLANUS Coriolanus!
  • Cominius. Too modest are you;
    More cruel to your good report than grateful
    To us that give you truly: by your patience,
    If 'gainst yourself you be incensed, we'll put you,
    Like one that means his proper harm, in manacles,
    Then reason safely with you. Therefore, be it known,
    As to us, to all the world, that Caius CORIOLANUS
    Wears this war's garland: in token of the which,
    My noble steed, known to the camp, I give him,
    With all his trim belonging; and from this time,
    For what he did before Corioli, call him,
    With all the applause and clamour of the host,
    The addition nobly ever!

    All. Caius CORIOLANUS Coriolanus!

12 II / 1
  • Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus!
  • Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus!
  • Herald. Know, Rome, that all alone CORIOLANUS did fight
    Within Corioli gates: where he hath won,
    With fame, a name to Caius CORIOLANUS; these
    In honour follows Coriolanus.
    Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus!

    All. Welcome to Rome, renowned Coriolanus!

13 II / 3
  • Content, content.
  • Content, content.
  • Third Citizen. Are you all resolved to give your voices? But
    that's no matter, the greater part carries it. I
    say, if he would incline to the people, there was
    never a worthier man.
    [Enter CORIOLANUS in a gown of humility,]
    with MENENIUS]
    Here he comes, and in the gown of humility: mark his
    behavior. We are not to stay all together, but to
    come by him where he stands, by ones, by twos, and
    by threes. He's to make his requests by
    particulars; wherein every one of us has a single
    honour, in giving him our own voices with our own
    tongues: therefore follow me, and I direct you how
    you shall go by him.

    All. Content, content.

14 II / 3
  • We will so: almost all
    Repent in their election.
  • We will so: almost all
    Repent in their election.
  • Junius Brutus. Say, you ne'er had done't--
    Harp on that still--but by our putting on;
    And presently, when you have drawn your number,
    Repair to the Capitol.

    All. We will so: almost all
    Repent in their election.

15 IV / 5
  • In, in, in, in!
  • In, in, in, in!
  • Third Servingman. Reason; because they then less need one another.
    The wars for my money. I hope to see Romans as cheap
    as Volscians. They are rising, they are rising.

    All. In, in, in, in!

16 V / 5
  • Welcome, ladies, Welcome!
  • Welcome, ladies, Welcome!
  • First Senator. Behold our patroness, the life of Rome!
    Call all your tribes together, praise the gods,
    And make triumphant fires; strew flowers before them:
    Unshout the noise that banish'd CORIOLANUS,
    Repeal him with the welcome of his mother;
    Cry 'Welcome, ladies, welcome!'

    All. Welcome, ladies, Welcome!


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