Speeches (Lines) for "Both" in "The Tragedy of Coriolanus"

Total: 3
# Act / Scene Speech text
1 II / 1
  • Well, sir.
  • Well, sir.
  • Menenius Agrippa. He's a bear indeed, that lives like a lamb. You two
    are old men: tell me one thing that I shall ask you.

    "Both". Well, sir.

2 II / 1
  • Why, how are we censured?
  • Why, how are we censured?
  • Menenius Agrippa. This is strange now: do you two know how you are
    censured here in the city, I mean of us o' the
    right-hand file? do you?

    "Both". Why, how are we censured?

3 II / 1
  • Well, well, sir, well.
  • Well, well, sir, well.
  • Menenius Agrippa. Because you talk of pride now,--will you not be angry?

    "Both". Well, well, sir, well.


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