Speeches (Lines) for Patrician in "The Tragedy of Coriolanus"

Total: 3
# Act / Scene Speech text
1 III / 1
  • This man has marr'd his fortune.
  • This man has marr'd his fortune.
  • Cominius. Nay, come away.

    Patrician. This man has marr'd his fortune.

2 III / 2
  • You do the nobler.
  • You do the nobler.
  • Coriolanus. Let them puff all about mine ears, present me
    Death on the wheel or at wild horses' heels,
    Or pile ten hills on the Tarpeian rock,
    That the precipitation might down stretch
    Below the beam of sight, yet will I still
    Be thus to them.

    Patrician. You do the nobler.

3 III / 2
  • Ay, and burn too.
  • Ay, and burn too.
  • Coriolanus. Let them hang.

    Patrician. Ay, and burn too.


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