William Shakespeare - The Complete Sonnets

Chronological dating possibilities: According to The New Oxford Shakespeare (2016), some Sonnets were circulating in manuscript by 1598; the only printed edition in Shakespeare lifetime was published in 1609. Sonnet 145 may have been written in the early to mid-1580's; Sonnet 107 seems to belong to 1603.

NB: All sonnets are submitted to a permanent updating process in order to provide you with an entirely new consideration of all of Shakespeare's works, edited from first principles from the base-texts themselves, and drawing on the latest textual and theatrical scholarship. Each pdf file indicates the actual updated version of the sonnet. Please check back regularly for updates.

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MISANTHROPOS - The Life of Timon of Athens – [ Official Website ]
Adapted by Maximianno Cobra, from Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens", the film exposes the timeless challenge of social hypocrisy, disillusion and annihilation against the poetics of friendship, love, and beauty.

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